A Great Summer Fades to Autumnal Changes

our in-house coffee pop-up "passion pop" was a fun spin on prime, that we all enjoyed being a part of the growth of, and it continued to party on throughout the struggles of the pandemic... with many of you trying out our first ever food menu of toasties and locally baked brownies throughout the spring and summer months.

as you probably heard last month, We decided as of october 2021 to sadly close our sit-in cafe area and bring the space up to it's full potential... this means more availability for appointments coming your way very soon, as we head towards the busy winter period - and maybe even an exciting event or two, now that the world is opening up again... great plans are in the mixing bowl, getting ready to be baked in the oven!


We will still be serving drink-in coffees, chocolates and the like, to all those with a hair booking, or if you're desperate for a fix, we can fill your KeepCup for when you're chancing it on your way past.. We will continue to use the finest beans, roasted by the same company you've grown to love; our own Westcountry's 'Extract coffee roasters', based in Bristol. Standing out from the crowd as the only Truro based coffee lovers grinding Extract, we proudly serve it alongside any hair service, or steam those flatties to take it away with you when we're done in the chair.


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