🍰☕️As May 17th Approaches, We Bring You JAFFLES ☕️🍫

We are all really looking forward to the next set of restrictions easing. Sitting indoors to cosy up out of the rain, in the warmth and dry with a number of your good mates and actual real cups and saucers- doesn’t that just sound like a dream!? Also something we feel we have perhaps worked hard at to regain! In light of this, we have had our heads down, planning a fresh new menu for @Passionpop; our in-house coffee shop, operating out of the front of the salon. What tasty treats will we provide?! Scroll down to read more ..... 👅

We are ultra excited to bring you a locally baked blondie or brownie special of the week: embedded with the likes of Oreos, Jammy dodgers, Kinder bars or Lotus biscoffs! So if that’s not enough to get you drooling about your perfect flat white accompaniment, wait til I unveil to you what a Jaffle is....

If you were to close your peepers and take a nostalgic childhood trip, down a deliciously triangular, mouth-scalding Memory Lane, it may lead you to be face to face with the Breville. Those cheesey stuffed, crispy edged hot pockets of flavour have been reinvented with a Melbourne, Australian Edge- the humble toasty is now known in Prime by the name from down under ; the one and only JAFFLE!

Funny how sometimes the best ideas are born out of the most random conversations. Blake, one of our barbers at Prime, lived out in Aus for some time (You will have noticed the slight twang to his otherwise midlandsy accent!)

so really, the name “Jaffle“ arrived back in the UK along with him and his wife, Dom - and we rather liked it.

You’ll be able to enjoy a number of different fillings, both sweet and savoury, with regularly updated specials.... work your way through our vegan range ;

Hummus, Red Pepper & Sun Dried Toms

or the

Guacamole, Pink Salt & Lime

Then arguably the biggest old time favourite,

our take on

the Triple Cheese, with cheddar, mozzarella and Red Leicester 🤤

Preorders always welcome - call the Prime team on 07763334094


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