Our Post Lockdown Reopening

I created this blog space back in July 2020 - with every intention of regular updates for you.... yeah, it’s now May 21... I think?! Are dates still a measurement of the passage of time? Are we using diaries and calendars again now? All that time spent processing Our Strangest Year Yet, with so much to say, yet not a single blog - sorry about that!

With the Strangest Year that many of us may ever encounter now firmly tucked away behind us, we can start to look forward to the great little things again.

Sooooo many restrictions, and unfortunately for many: painful loss and realisations. Yet, we can’t forget the many little positive reflections;

we stayed home to help and to do our part. Perhaps we spent more time with our loved ones at home, in our gardens or out on our daily exercise walks. We loved the long sunny days with our pets - the dogs who thought we quit our jobs to see them more, and the cats who thought we’d finally been fired like they knew we would be.

Little did the Prime team realise just how much of a busy summer we would encounter from our reopening on July 4th 2020- which became known as ‘Trimdependence Day’ ! (Although after 4 months of being closed and with the world having been turned upside down, the heads of hair coming into Prime last summer were due more than just a ‘trim’! )

We’ve all had so much to adjust to, become familiar with and understand; with social distancing, working from home, masks and rapid test virus kits now being part of regular life. These things all seemed so far from normal; sci-fi writers sure have a lot of material for new best sellers and blockbusters.

With three national lockdowns now complete, whether we loved the time off, or just barely fought and scraped through it, the mask achne and visor glare are things we are all still getting used to!!

What new hobbies or walks did you find helped you with getting through the lockdowns? What about now, with the summer ahead of us and people returning back to the office; is it the glimmer of summery hope keeping you sane, or is it that one day a week you’re still allowed to work from your laptop in your pyjamas??